The Devastating Fires in Wine Country

The fires of the last week in Napa and Sonoma have been categorized as the worst in California history.  One of the things that made it so scary and devastating was the surprise of it.  Many people were evacuated or had to flee from their home in a matter of minutes.



Fortunately, our family of Boisset Collection wineries are still standing with Raymond and DeLoach open for tasting this week. Unfortunately, with a heavy heart, some of our winery staff, both current and past, have lost everything.  It's shocking and heartbreaking; however, the winery community is coming together in so many ways to support each other.

From Jean-Charles Boisset:
Once again, we are inspired by the generosity of our wine community, friends and family, and the outpouring of support.  For our employees that have been affected, we have established a Go-Fund-Me campaign to help them get back on their feet, with Boisset matching employee contributions up to $25,000.
Additionally, we have already met with the leaders of our established community foundations that have created relief funds to provide aid to local fire victims, and we, like many vintners and growers in our area, are recommending these funds:

To love, passion and friendship…. And to a strong, resilient, and ever-hopeful wine country!  
Warmest wishes,
Jean-Charles Boisset

To learn more about the status of the fires and to hear directly from Jean-Charles regarding the impact and our forward-looking future, see the video that aired on PBS.