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The Science Behind Happiness

Did you know happiness is a lifelong pursuit that actually requires some work?  

Also, happiness is a choice. Life will test your happiness because nothing is perfect.  

Lastly, happiness is contagious! It’s a proven fact that others feel the effects of our mood.  

Choosing happiness is scientifically linked to benefiting health and life expectancy. There are many misconceptions on what will make us happy; the truth is external factors fall short time and time again. By boosting your happiness, you can learn to cope with life’s challenges more effectively.  

My goal is to show you some proven techniques for increasing happiness, which is why I invite you to attend my next, FREE webinar, The Science Behind Happiness, on Tuesday, June 11 at 12:00 pm PST.

During this experience, you will finally have the chance to debunk what you have come to believe about happiness, how to overcome these myths and, most importantly, SEVERAL scientifically proven methods to increase happiness consistently!

Although Happiness might seem like an internal, personal pursuit, it's highly correlated to your success in career, relationships, accomplishments and overall satisfaction with self and life.



MiShawn Williams is a Luxury Wine and ALIVEstyle Consultant committed to helping people find more luxury in their life and to help people have a life of Having It All!

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